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Providing dignified support for women living with disabilities and domestic violence.

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ONE Action is here to provide support.

Women with disabilities are vulnerable to domestic violence.

Our goal is to support women with disabilities who face domestic violence and to provide the tools and information necessary to make life-altering changes to their circumstances.

Compassionate, dignified support for women with disabilities facing domestic violence is a priority, not an option. Every action toward accessibility matters.


ONE person can make a difference.

In 2019, the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women funded the Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities and Easter Seals Nova Scotia to conduct research on the issue of women with disabilities who experience domestic violence. The goal was to give voice to women with disabilities who have experienced domestic violence.

The project held 12 community sessions across Nova Scotia. We heard first-person stories about violence and survival. Staff from organizations that serve women said they needed to help women with disabilities. ONE Action is a continued effort to support the women whose voices we’ve heard

The Not Without Us report made 13 recommendations based on the stories and ideas that were shared. You can read those recommendations


How to support women with disabilities who experience domestic violence.

→ Accessibility Audits

Complete accessibility audits of transition houses and women’s resources centres in Nova Scotia.

Education and Training

Provide training for police and other frontline service workers on how to help women with disabilities who experienced domestic violence.

Community Leadership

Work with local governments and community organizations to remove barriers and create safe spaces.

Navigation and Outreach

Ensure women with disabilities have support navigating systems and accessing the supports they need.

Home Care

Communicate that home care services can be reassessed as a woman’s living situation changes and continue to build local relationships so that women with disabilities receive the care they need in the location they are in, safely, securely, and with dignity.

Accessible Housing

Build more affordable, accessible housing

Culturally Responsive Care

Identify and remove accessibility barriers for Black, Indigenous, and other racialized women with disabilities.


ONE change can save a life.

Join us in learning about and becoming an advocate for women with disabilities experiencing domestic violence

Nova Scotia Accessibility Landscape

Our current accessibility landscape is limited in its ability to support women with a disability overcoming domestic violence.

What is ONE Action?

ONE Action is focused on bringing support to Nova Scotian women with disabilities experiencing domestic violence.

Regional Resources

Accessibility looks different in each community. This is what accessible services are currently available across Nova Scotia.

Additional Resources to Explore

Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre 

Help end the stigma surrounding women with disabilities and understand why they may be more vulnerable to abuse.

Prevalence of disabilities in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has the highest rate of persons with at least one disability compared to other Canadian provinces. Learn more about our disability landscape.

Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women – Resource Map  

If you are experiencing domestic violence in Nova Scotia, there are resources available to support you. Please refer to our Regional Resources if you are seeking accessible services.

DAWN Canada – Identifying abuse  

The first step to overcoming abuse is knowing how to identify signs.

DAWN Canada – Safety Planning 

If you are in a domestic violence crisis, follow these tips to safely plan your exit.

DAWN Canada – We can tell and we will (video)

In 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada declared the right for women with disabilities experiencing domestic violence to be believed when they report sexual abuse. This is their voice.

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We envision a future where the abilities of persons with disabilities are fully recognized, developed and living as equals in society.

Our initiatives would not be possible without the involvement of First Voice and the cross-sector collaboration from the community, government, and businesses to reach the goal of an accessible and barrier-free province. 

Interested in contributing to one of our initiatives, send us a message!